You can click, but you can't hide is a publicity campaign run jointly by several international associations, most notably the MPA, the MPAA, and the GVU, as part of the larger "Respect Copyrights" campaign against peer-to-peer file sharing of motion pictures. The associations have long alleged that Internet file sharing, or maintaining a file sharing tracker, network or search engine, constitutes copyright infringement and hurts their profits.

The phrase is an adaptation of the phrase "You can run but you can't hide". The "Illegal Downloading: Inappropriate for all ages" campaign logo is based on the MPAA Rating System logos.

In addition to a print and billboard campaign, BitTorrent tracker websites closed between October 2004 and May 2005 due to legal action by the associations have replaced their front page with the campaign's logo.

The associations have also obtained records from some closed tracker sites, which could be used to trace individual users. The administrator of one such site, LokiTorrent, closed the site and turned over its logs, amidst controversy, as part of a settlement ending a 2005 copyright infringement lawsuit filed by MPAA studios against him.[1]

The arresting nature of the graphics, and the use of scare tactics in this campaign is a marked difference from previous large-scale copyright-promotion campaigns such as Home Taping is Killing Music and Who Makes Movies?, which appealed to the consumer's interest in the art form and the consumer's compassion for movie industry workers.Template:Citation needed