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Template:Infobox record label Rock Dem Records is a major African record label and music publishing company, based in Zambia and America.It is part of the African World Entertainment music the leading music producer in Africa, along with Mondo Music they are the 2 biggest major record labels in Zambia.

Company historyEdit

Rock Dem Records was formed by Theresa Zulu and Isaac Moyo in 2008 in Lusaka, Zambia which became the label's headquarters. The label currently signed artists including teen girl band Star Girls, solo singer Tendi T and rapper Kapuka. The Label focuses on signing unknown African Musicians and breaking them out internationally, due to the lack of successful African musicians around the world.

Co-founder Isaac Moyo has recently been quoted saying " Africa hasn't got many artists who are successful world-wide, and that's not right. Theresa and I had a vision, to show the world how talented Africa is and already we have signed a couple of musicians who we know have got the talent to make it big world-wide. There a lot of African artists who want to get their music out there but they cant, they never get the chance to show people what they've got due to the lack of opportunities and record labels in Africa. Rock Dem Records is basically giving African musicians hope for their music, for their careers, for a better future. They don't normally get this opportunity."
The Label is currently working on signing more artists and is hoping to launch their recently signed artists careers in the upcoming months.
" Although the label was founded almost a year ago, we have'nt published it yet, we have just been working on looking for musicians and signing them and also trying to get the right people to help the label grow. We are hoping to start recording and launching albums later this year."


Rock dem records is currently working to sign african artists like k'Millian, Mampi, Lily Tembo, JK, Nalu and DJ Dubz. In February 2009 the label joined African World Entertainment as its first major record label with Isacc Moyo staying on as CEO.



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