Previously known as the International Tape Association (ITA), the International Recording Media Association (IRMA) is an international trade association dealing with every facet of recording media and related industries. Their membership includes raw material providers, manufacturers, replicators, duplicators, packagers, copyright holders, and others.

Founded in 1970 by media pioneer Larry Finley, IRMA today counts such recording media giants as Sony, Panasonic, JVC, BMG, Universal, Fuji, Eastman Kodak, Warner, and EMI among its member companies.

According to their official website:

IRMA has been around more than 30 years. Beginning with the introduction of the audiocassette, through the home video revolution, and right up to the current digital and electronic delivery era, IRMA has always been the organization companies have turned to for news, networking, market research, information services, and leadership."

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