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Gazza Music Productions, also referred to as GMP Records, simply known as G.M.P., is an Namibian music production label founded by Gazza in 2004. GMP is one of the most successful music labels in Namibia.

Gazza was the first and only artist on the label. In 2005, he failed to sign newcomer Sunny Boy whom he introduced through his hit song koko. Until then, Gazza recruited Aunti Sousa and a group of three dancers to the label. OmPuff also joined him and became his backup artist in 2005. Gazza failed to coin a deal for OmPuff and he left to associate himself with Mshasho Records.

Today GMP Records and Mshasho Records are one of the two most successful record companies in Namibia. Due to that the two labels have been industry rivals.

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  • Gazza
  • Streekids
  • Guti Fruit
  • Black Sheep

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  • Streetkids (Chakalaka, Mr. Bones & Dixa)

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