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Frisbie is a music company headquartered in a giant loft in TriBeCa, New York City, aka "Cool-Ass-Loftiville". Founded by Mary Frisbie Wood in 2006, it specializes in writing for television commercials, sound design, movie scoring, brand consulting, writing and producing an all-star list of indie talent including Mike Viola, Of Montreal, Hello, Average Superstar, IV Thieves, Holly Brook, Ben Lee, Kaki King, Sunshine Hotel, The Izzys, Larry Campbell, Jesse Harris, Sonya Kitchell, Ming & FS, Soulive, Xylos, Devo Springsteen, daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, Evan Dando, Benji Hughes, PT Walkley, Mickey Avalon, The Joy Project, Oppenheimer, Track Rabbit, Yuka Honda, Sean Lennon, Emilie Cardinaux, Guyor Kats, and the list goes on.


It was 1871 in the wake of the Civil War when William Russell Frisbie moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Hired to manage the new town bakery, a branch of the Olds Baking Company of New Haven, he soon saved up enough money to buy it outright. Hew new business, renamed "The Frisbie Pie Company" (after his family name) would grow to supply homemade pies all across Connecticut. Little did he know that over a century later, it would be his innovative pie tin, reading "Frisbie's Pies", that would make the Frisbie name, or rather the Frisbee fame, so familiar.

According to folklore, the Yale University campus was one of William's deliveries. After eating the pies, the students discovered that the pie tin could be turned over and thrown at great trajectory. When the kids began tossing the pie plates and exclaiming "Frisbie!" to warn any innocent bystanders of the oncoming pie tin, a new game was born.

Wham-O eventually caught on to the new game, waited until the original Frisbie Pie Company closed up show, then acquired the rights to the tin and changed the spelling to "Frisbee" to avoid trademark infringement.

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